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GDPR Statement



Dear European and British Colleagues


I am writing to you as you have in the past expressed an interest in the work of MRC. With the advent of GDPR, the new European data protection legislation,  I must ask whether you wish us to continue to hold your data. MRC as an organisation will never pass on your data to any other party, and all that we hold is your name, address and what MRC materials have been supplied to you. If you wish us to continue to hold your data, please let us know – the only purpose for us holding it is to send you updated materials. If you do not indicate your wish to stay in touch, then we will be obliged to remove you from our records. You are, of course, entitled to request details of the data held and have it updated or amended at any time. Apart from a number count, we do not record or keep any details about visitors on our website, any details kept are for the issue of our regular magazine.


You may contact us at

I do hope that you will want to stay in touch, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Yours in our Saviour, Master and Messiah Y’shua


Ian B Yates

Web Master, Maranatha Revival Crusade



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